A number of enhancements have been made to Norwegian Cruise Line's Latitudes Rewards Program.

A number of enhancements will be rolled out later this week to Norwegian Cruise Line’s Latitudes Rewards Program, including two new upper status levels to even further reward the brand’s most loyal passengers.

Taking effect from this Friday 03 February, the program will introduce two new tiers – Platinum Plus and Ambassador – with a variety of new rewards including a free seven-day cruise, priority access to specialty restaurants and the theatre, and the chance to dine with the ship’s officers and potentially even the Captain.

Currently, the Latitudes Rewards Program consists of four tiers, with one point earned for every night spent onboard Norwegian Cruise Line ships (i.e. a seven-night cruise earns seven points). Graduation to each successive level occurs when the required minimum number of points has been achieved, or occurs in advance if your next cruise crosses two levels. Guests booking a suite or a stateroom in The Haven earn two points per night instead of one.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America is one of the most popular ships among Australian travellers.
Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America is one of the most popular ships among Australian travellers.

All travellers 18 years of age and and over are automatically enrolled after their first cruise. The new six-tier structure will consist of the following levels:

  • Bronze (1-29 points).
  • Silver (30-54 points).
  • Gold (55-79 points).
  • Platinum (80-174 points).
  • Platinum Plus (175-699 points).
  • Ambassador (700 points and over).

Other new perks being added to guests in lower tiers include a bottle of sparkling wine for all travellers returning for their second cruise and beyond, shore excursion discounts for Silver tiered members and above, free bottled water for Gold tiered guests and above and between 15 and 100 free minutes of onboard internet, depending on the package purchased.

Regardless of the loyalty tier you occupy, all guests will continue to receive priority check-in and extra discounts with purchases made throughout the ship.