Carnival Cruise Line will deliver a more in-depth, intuitive and interactive experience to its passengers through its Carnival Hub smartphone app, now available on its Australian-based ships Carnival Spirit and being rolled out to sister ship Carnival Legend by 23 February.

In doing so, it will also achieve an environmental goal of a 50% reduction in the amount of paper used onboard, with the new app halving the number of copies of the daily ‘Fun Times’ guide printed each day. It will open up a number of two-way applications for passengers to be able to take charge of their holiday experience and even communicate with each other, and can now be downloaded on iPhone and Android devices, or onboard the ship for free.

At its core, Carnival Hub features the same daily printed schedule in a digital form, listing all of the activities taking place around the ship that day and, when published, the following day.

Carnival Cruise Line has rolled out its Carnival Hub app to its Australian ships.
A world of interactivity is now open on Carnival Spirit and coming later in February to Carnival Legend.

Tech-savvy guests can do away with the old-fashioned highlighter and instead bookmark their favourite events into their phone, which can then be turned into reminders which will come back through on your phone at a predetermined advance notice period to give you enough time to make your way to the appropriate venue.

The app offers allows users to search events based on the deck where they are taking place. Itinerary details relevant to your specific cruise can also be viewed including details of ports to be visited and a snapshot of your cruise account balance, which updates in real-time.

For a fee of $9 per device per cruise, travellers can unlock a chat function. A contact list for the people travelling in each cabin is automatically compiled in advance, while additional people can be added as chat contacts using an identification number which, when mutually shared, will see old and new friends added to your contact list.

Enter the date your cruise sets sail and a funky countdown clock will be created, which you can share for bragging rights.
Enter the date your cruise sets sail and a funky countdown clock will be created, which you can share for bragging rights.

The app can be downloaded before you set sail. Once you have the app open, simply set up a profile and you can enter the details of your upcoming cruise. An exciting countdown clock will then be created, which can be shared with friends and posted on social media.

“The Carnival Hub app really puts guests in control of their cruise holiday, so they never miss any of the fun onboard, and can easily plan their day from beside the pool, hop from a live show to a gym class, arrange to meet friends and family and even catch up with new friends,” Carnival Cruise Line VP Jennifer Vandekreeke said.

Further functionality will be rolled out to the app later in the year, Carnival Cruise Line said, with guests soon able to make spa and restaurant bookings through Carnival Hub.