Tour the restaurants you’ll find on Silversea’s new Silver Muse

La Terrazza is a popular mainstay of dining on Silversea Cruises

Six months remain on the clock before growing luxury brand Silversea Cruises launches Silver Muse – the vessel which will become the ninth ship in its fleet – with a glittering christening ceremony in Monte Carlo early next year.

Details have been released on the eight premium dining offerings to feature on Silver Muse, which the line says will be more choice in premium dining than any other and will reflect the standard associated with its partnership with fine dining standard Relaix & Chateaux.

The range extends from popular mainstay dining offerings which star across the Silversea Cruises fleet, through to a variety of brand new concepts which will make their debut with the ship, which will visit 130 ports in 34 countries in its first twelve months at sea. Here, we’ll take a look through the menu available to guests sailing on the line’s next new vessel.

1. La Terrazza

La Terrazza offers both indoor and outdoor seating for enjoyment of a Silversea Cruises favourite.

A mainstay across the Silversea fleet, La Terrazza is a restaurant with a heritage built into the line’s Italian foundations. Chefs create fine gourmet options for guests to enjoy either indoors or al fresco, while there are also some self-serve stations including an olive oil cellar, mozzarella bar, seafood station and salumeria.

Reservations are required to dine here, and this restaurant is available across the Silversea Cruises luxury fleet.

2. Kabuki

Teppanyaki is always entertaining but when prepared by some of the world's best Japanese chefs, delivers a little more.

A new concept designed just for Silver Muse, Kabuki is one of two Asian cuisine options you’ll find on the ship. The outlet celebrates Japanese cuisine, with lunch seatings featuring a wide variety of sushi, sashimi and other dishes.

Dinnertime however is when Kabuki comes into its own, with a teppanyaki performance showcasing the talents of a team of expert chefs, who will tease the senses with a culinary prowess which is sure to impress. The menu here is inspired by the elements of yin and yang and the five elements of Japanese nutrition.

3. Silver Note

The piano is impossible to miss and will provide a musical accompaniment to the evening's dining.

Another new innovation coming with the debut of Silver Muse, the first thing you’ll notice upon entering Silver Note is the grand piano sitting in the centre of the room.

Designed as an intimate setting, Silver Note aims to replicate the aura of the renowned jazz clubs of bygone eras in Manhattan. Diners will enjoy tapas-style gourmet cuisine while a horde of talented musicians keep the guests entertained with soulful blues sounds.

The intention of Silver Note is to cater to those who tend to enjoy dining later in the evening before retreating to the dancefloor for a gentle swing and sway.

4. Regina Margherita

Silversea's more casual affair will offer delicious pizzas made to order throughout the day and night.

Another eatery reflecting the Italian history of Silversea Cruises, this restaurant is named after the 19th century Queen and is a relaxed pizzeria-style venue aimed at guests seeking a more casual evening affair.

Regina Margherita is situated right by the swimming pool and is open all day, boasting a menu which sees all selections made to order and cooked in a custom Italian pizza oven. This restaurant opens around mid-morning and caters to guests well into the late evening.

5. Hot Rocks

Choose your favourite cut of meat, fish or vegetables and grill at your table to enjoy with supplied condiments.

It’s becoming more and more difficult these days for cruise ships to come up with an entirely new concept as more find their way onboard. Hot Rocks has effectively been designed through consultative feedback from Silversea’s most loyal cruisers in its Venetian Society loyalty program.

Hot Rocks puts every element of control in the guest’s hands, with each passenger able to select from fresh meat, fish and vegetables, which they can then cook for themselves, exactly to their liking, at their table, on a specially designed 400° lava stone grill. Charcoal rocks are pre-heated and placed on each table, making for a unique dining experience.

This restaurant will also make its debut for Silversea Cruises on Silver Muse, however you can be sure it will find its way to the rest of the fleet before too long.

6. Indochine

Providing a menu which reflects the most intoxicating aromas from the corners of Asia, Indochine is sure to be popular.

The second of two new Asian experiences which will appear on Silver Muse, alongside Kabuki. Indochine is aimed at replicating the spice markets of India, Thailand and Vietnam with a myriad of flavours, aromas and scents reflecting these and other Asian influences.

Different levels of spice, colour and flavour will eventuate from a meal here as guests choose from a specially curated selection of the most authentic Asian concoctions available today.

7. Atlantide

Intended as a comfortable seafood eatery, Atlantide is tipped to surprise with luxury, fresh catches.

Atlantide will be the intermediary between seafood caught from the ocean, cleaned, prepared and presented on your plate. Set up as more of a bar and grill format with a nautical theme reflecting the creativity of the seven daughters of Atlas and the constellation of Taurus.

Among the options to star on the menu will be designer dishes such as Royal Crab, Blue Lobster and Verbena-infused Red Snapper in a sea salt crust, just to name a few. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of the finest cuts of steak sourced from offshore at Atlantide.

8. La Dame by Relaix & Châteaux

Silversea's partnership with Relaix & Chateau continues to grow with greater collaboration and finer experiences.

In line with Silversea Cruises’ gourmet partnership with Relaix & Châteaux, a connoisseur and mark of excellence in fine dining and luxury boutique accommodation, La Dame will be another new concept exclusive to Silver Muse. The organisation’s best chefs have collaborated on the menu, which features French inspired cuisine set on crisp, white linen and with a white-gloved standard of service.

Menu items will feature locally sourced ingredients with paired wines through the services of the ship’s sommelier, who will provide expert guidance and advice on the best accompanying wines and flavours to complement the courses as they’re served.