There are many reasons why cruising is so popular.

There’s no right or wrong answer when somebody asks ‘Why do you cruise?’

Everybody has different reasons that work for them. For some, it’s a great way to sample plenty of good food, prepared by different chefs (in some cases celebrity chefs), while watching the ocean pass you by. Others might be a cocktail connoisseur and keen to take in a world of flavours and decorations with their drink, while many others see the benefit in seeing different parts of the world in short bursts, without having to unpack in each port.

We’ve cast an eye across many of the reasons people turn to cruising for their holiday and identified five of our personal favourites.

It’s a great way to see (or sea) the world

Cruise ships dock together in the Port of San Diego in the USA
With thousands of ports around the world welcoming ships of all sizes, you’ll never be able to see them all.

Two-thirds of the world is covered by water, and most of it is accessible by cruise ships of varying sizes. From the major cities, which cater to the largest cruise ships with enormous terminals, docks and facilities all the way down to small barges tying up to nothing more than a jetty in a small riverside town in the world’s rural corners, cruising covers them all.

Ocean cruising can take you to cities and islands in the farthest reaches of the planet, while smaller ships can slide into some quaint little bays and coves to deliver you to a hidden town somewhere remote. River cruise ships do the same, albeit at a slower and more serene pace, while small ships have the most remote parts of the planet in their sights.

The world has never been more open and accessible and cruising is the best way to see it.

It’s just so easy and chilled out

It's easy to see a day quickly slip away from the comfort of a cruise ship deck chair.
It’s easy to see a day quickly slip away from the comfort of a cruise ship deck chair.

Walking up the gangway to board your ship is about as strenuous as exercise has to be on a cruise if that’s all you want it to be.

If you board at the correct time, there’s a good chance your stateroom will be ready for you when you reach it and all the essentials you’ll need for your holiday is in there. Then, it’s a short walk or elevator ride to all the dining options at your disposal, with entertainment also on hand in the theatre or show lounges.

There are plenty of games, activities and classes to keep you and your travelling party (including kids) occupied throughout the day and seating by the pool is usually plentiful. What more could you want or need? And if you do need more, you’ll be covered there too.

You can try new things through the whole cruise

Your HAL Digital Workshop teacher may be later found performing in one of the ship's shows.
Many cruise lines run seminars where you can pick up a handy new skill.

Cruising is far from just a flop-and-drop holiday unless you want it to be. Every day on many ships there are different classes, seminars, tutorials and demonstrations covering everything from cooking, photography, technology, comedy, wine, exercise, health and so much more. If you’re on a major cruise line and scour your newsletter each day, you’ll see it’s packed full of suggestions and tips to help you make the most out of your time onboard.

But if laying by the pool and enjoying cocktails with your favourite book is more your speed, there is endless ocean to sit and watch in the background while you do just that.

We recently wrote about ways you can improve your life while on a cruise, by learning a new skill or enhancing an existing one – CLICK HERE.

There are ships to suit all comfort zones

Depending on the type of cruise you're seeking, there is a ship to suit your needs.
Depending on the type of cruise you’re seeking, there is a ship to suit your needs.

Not everybody is comfortable cruising with as many as 5,000 or even more other travellers – they just feel that is too many to be packed into a finite space. Many are but that’s not for everybody. But there are dozens of cruise lines sailing in different parts of the world with ships catering from a few thousand – maybe two or three – down into the hundreds, into the dozens or even for less than ten.

It’s all possible with cruising and you can quite easily find a ship with enough space for you.

A cruise has something for the whole family

The whole family are bound to be happy and entertained through their entire cruise.
The whole family are bound to be happy and entertained through their entire cruise.

From entertainment to suit kids in different age brackets to extensive drink menus to suit adults, educational seminars and lectures aimed at anybody with an inquisitive nature and so much more onboard, it’s nearly impossible for somebody to say “I’m bored” on a cruise.

And that’s just on the ship. Nearly all cruises will also take you to far flung corners of the globe to deliver you to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, interesting townships and exciting cities, some of which you may never have even heard of before. There’s every chance you’ll fall in love with the places you visit and will want to go back again and again.