Star in your own game show on Carnival Cruise Line.

One of the many great things about taking a cruise is that every ship has its own personality which washes over all of the travellers onboard, enveloping them with a sixth sense of fun and whimsy designed to ensure each guest enjoys their cruise as much as they possibly can.

For Carnival Cruise Line and its two ships in Australia – Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend – this sense of fun is characterised with each ship bestowed with the title of ‘The Fun Ship’. And as part of its role in putting on the best holiday it can for all travellers, its daily activity roster will often feature options for travellers of all ages which may sound a little odd but should not be missed for entertainment value alone.

Let’s check out some of these more ‘left of centre’ activities bound to draw your attention and if you do see it for yourself, a hearty laugh or broad grin.

Towel animal theatre

What do those cruise ship towel animals get up to when you're not in the room?

If you’ve ever seen the Toy Story movie franchise (and who hasn’t?) then you’d be aware of the concept, or possibility, that sees normally inanimate objects come to life when there are no people in the area.

Carnival Cruise Line’s delightful Towel Animal Theatre develops on the idea that those lovable towel animals placed in your cabin each night have a life of their own and that when you’re not in your cabin, these animals are wreaking havoc & having the time of their lives playing, singing along and having their own little adventures. Basically, they have fun and party!

Part of the Camp Ocean Kids Club program which encourages parents to get involved with their children, the story at the Towel Animal Theatre sees one despondent towel upset that he has no special talent, with others encouraging him to bring out his playful side and find his unique attribute. The towel animals move, speak and talk to the kids in the audience.

Characters frequently break into song with musical performances including ‘Splish Splash i was taking a bath’, ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’ and even a play-on-words song from Cyndi Lauper’s classic 1980’s anthem, ‘Towels just wanna have fun’. The show happily concludes with an all-in rendition of ‘Celebrate Good Times’. It’s a good fun event.

Mat Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

Bring out those colourful hats for Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea on Carnival Cruise Line.

If you’re an owner of an enormous hat, you’ll fit right in at the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea, which usually takes place on a sea day. Guests are encouraged in advance to remember to pack their most colourful hat to parade at the event, which also includes a huge selection of teas, coffees, drinks, canapes, snacks and treats to enjoy.

There is also a chance to win some great prizes for the most decorative hat at the show.

Hasbro the Game Show

A Carnival guest plays Connect 4 on Hasbro the Game Show.

They’ve been staples of most Australian family living rooms for decades – even generations – and iconic board game brand Hasbro has taken its most famous and beloved games onto Carnival cruise ships, turning them into an evening of entertainment in the ship’s theatre.

Usually hosted by the Cruise Director or a member of the Entertainment Team, contestants volunteer to take part in oversized versions of Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, Operation and more with a chance to win some great prizes. The audience is encouraged to make plenty of noise and support the contestants and enjoy the spectacle unfolding before them.

Very hairy chest competition

An amusing lunchtime activity on a Carnival sea day is the Very Hairy Chest Contest.

This one’s just for the boys to play but also just for the ladies to judge. Keep an eye out in your daily newsletter for this activity, which will usually take place around lunch time on a sea day up on the Lido Pool Deck.

As the name suggests, the most manly of men who think they are follicly gifted are welcome onstage for a short series of games and demonstrations of superiority over their competitors to try and appeal to the female judges, also volunteers. The ladies must decide which of the fellows before them have the hairiest chest and puts on the best show to select a winner. It’s pretty harmless fun designed for nothing more than a laugh, so check it out and get involved.

Love & Marriage Show

Carnival Cruise Line plays the Love & Marriage Show which is some great evening entertainment.

How well do you know your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend?

We must say that having checked this out, Carnival is really onto something here as it’s an uproarious hour or so in the theatre. Hosted by the Entertainment Team, couples married for different lengths of time are encouraged to go up onstage to take on a series of questions which tests how much they know about their partner or significant other.

The questions are always very entertaining and provoke commentary or hilarious reactions from the crowd – but more often from the other participant – as the host puts topics to each person such as ‘Who does the most housework at home?’ or ‘What it the most annoying habit your partner has?’ just to name a few. Some of the questions can get a little blue and refer to things which go on in the bedroom, so this show may not always be suitable for kids.

Have you seen or participated in these games? Which one is your favourite? Tell us below!