Seasickness is nothing to be scared of and easily treated.

Modern cruise ships are more stable now than they have ever been, but sometimes rough weather happens, and when it does it can take down passengers and crew left, right and centre – even the steadiest and most experienced cruisers from time to time.

If the motion of the ocean starts playing tricks on your equilibrium, there are some simple things you can do to beat the blues caused by unfavourable seas.

Green Apples

While this sounds like an old wives tale, green apples are known to settle the stomach and provide your body with natural sugar rich nutrients that your body may have previously lost. Their soft texture will easily be digested in your stomach as well and will also ensure you receive a healthy dose of fibre.

Wander up to the buffet, you’re bound to find plenty of green apples either already prepared or a member of the kitchen staff able to get one for you.

Green apples are an easy way to feel better.
Green apples are an easy way to feel better.


Regardless of what medication you may be on for motion sickness, some organic ginger will help ease your swirling stomach and won’t interact with whatever you have already taken – medicinal or otherwise. No matter what form you consume it, you’ll get enough of the good stuff to have you up and out again.

Your ship may have some of this, however to be sure, it may be wise to bring some of your own if you think this remedy may work for you.

Good old fashioned ginger is another natural solution.
Good old fashioned ginger is another natural solution.

Book a cabin as close to the middle of the ship as possible

If you think or know you may be susceptible to a bout of seasickness once your cruise gets going – you can take steps to minimise the effects before you even get onboard.

Draw a diagram of the ship or consult a deck plan to find the middle deck at the midway point of the ship and you will find the location of the most stable cabins on that vessel. Booking a stateroom in the most stable part of the ship will ensure you’re comfortable should the weather turn nasty.

If you can’t pinpoint the middle of the ship, look for cabin locations either directly above or below the casino or ice skating rink (depending on which of these your ship offers). Both of these public spaces need to be positioned in the most stable locations in order to operate effectively. For example, the roulette wheels in the casino can’t move too much, while the ice skating rink requires stability for performers to pull off their highly dangerous manoeuvres.

Partake in a round of acupuncture

Even if you have never tried acupuncture, trying it at sea can yield marvellous benefits for anyone feeling a touch unwell. The process of balancing oneself using the ancient technique can also be replicated in the form of “sea bands” which are available from your local chemist.

The pressure applied to your wrists relays signals to your brain surrounding your balance and should instantly make you feel better.

Acupuncture is a service available in many cruise ship spas.
Acupuncture is a service available in many cruise ship spas.

Get a Transderm Scop script from your doctor

These tiny patches that look just like a band-aid you get after a needle contain a medication which corrects any inner-ear balance issues you may have and prevents vomiting. Patches generally last three days at a time and are only available via a prescription from your doctor, as they can potentially interfere with other medications you may be taking.

Some people can also have some pretty nasty side effects so if you’re going to try this, ensure you do so a few weeks before setting sail.

Transferm Scop is a prescription only drug in Australia.
Transferm Scop is a prescription only drug in Australia.

Look at the horizon

If your symptoms are only minor, head up to the top deck, stare into the horizon and avoid looking down. The horizon will always stay in the same position irrespective of whatever the ship is doing, so fix your gaze on something in the distance until the nauseous feelings pass.

Where possible, unpack your luggage onto the upper shelves in your closet & avoid bending over for the first couple of days. This will ensure you don’t get your internal processes confused by bending over as the ship moves.

Eat Carbs! Lots of them!

Most healthy diets generally advise against carb loading, if you’re sea sick, this is the one time your doctor will say yes to devouring the bread basket. Avoid fatty and heavy foods such as dairy and stick to breads, crackers and lightly sauced pastas.

Also avoid anything overly spicy or reflux-inducing if you are so inclined.

Load up on as much bread as you can handle to temper an upset stomach caused by ship movement.
Load up on as much bread as you can handle to temper an upset stomach caused by ship movement.

Suck on a lemon

Ok, this one sounds funny as getting sick on holiday will make anyone sour, but sucking on a lemon will hopefully get you back to your sweet spot. The tangy bitterness will help with your stomach problems and sucking on a lemon will also help you set your mind to focus on something other than the motion.

What are your tips for beating seasickness? Do you have your own remedy? Tell us below!

Disclaimer: Cruise Advice is not qualified to give medical advice and the above represents some of the most widely known and acknowledged products and techniques to provide some relief from seasickness in most people. Depending on your individual circumstances, we suggest consulting your health professional for guidance if needed.