Dream Cruises has designed a particularly plush sleep experience for guests to enjoy on Genting Dream.

Asia’s newest cruise brand Dream Cruises is taking its name quite literally and all the way to the bedroom, announcing this week it has developed the ‘Dream Bed’ concept which will ensure all passengers get a “sumptuous sleeping experience”.

Effectively a hybrid product designed by in a collaboration effort from world’s leading bedding manufacturers, the Dream Bed has been put together featuring premium quality Custom Comfort mattresses, which have been hand-tufted and are eco-friendly. In addition, beds will include high thread-count silky sheets, plush duvets and plenty of pillows, all designed to ensure guests can “wrap” themselves in comfort and luxury and wake up fully refreshed.

Linen on the bed has been supplied by Italian brand Frette, which already provides linen to an extensive network of hotels and homes around the world.

Genting Dream will be the first of two ships in the new Dream Cruises fleet.
Genting Dream will be the first of two ships in the new Dream Cruises fleet.

Pillows have been sourced from Germany, with passengers able to select from a menu of 100% cotton, satin, down or feathers. A selection of duvets will also be available from which guests can make their selections. Altogether, the sleep experience has been put together by a team of interior designers and health professionals, a Dream Cruises spokesperson said.

In line with the burgeoning brand’s Asian premium mantra, guests will also find a selection of herbal teas supplied in their staterooms, replenished each day during cleaning service. At night, a turndown service will prepare the bed for guests to slip into, while a range of relaxing music will be available through in-room entertainment for guests to listen to if they wish.

Dream Cruises will welcome its first ship – Genting Dream – into service from next month.