For everything on the upper open decks featured on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas – which we showcased last month – it is merely scratching the surface of what you can find end-to-end on the lower decks, with an entirely new world of excitement and entertainment housed within the ship.

Across some 15+ decks and surrounded by thousands of staterooms and suites, a huge number of complimentary and specialty dining options exist seemingly on every deck and in every corner, while you’d be hard pressed finding a shortage of things to see in the many theatres, bars and lounges dotted around the world’s largest cruise ship.

It’s quite a challenge keeping over 5,000 passengers entertained across the day and this is where the range draws on its depth in order to meet that challenge. Seeing a show in the main theatre in the evening is not everybody’s cup of tea, so alternatives need to be found. Some of these may be better suited to music, others to more vocal forms of entertainment while some have no human element attached to them at all.

On top of that, there are many administrative requirements which must be met such as the Future Cruise Desk, Shore Excursions Desk and many more, all needing their own space.

After we last looked at the upper deck features, now it’s time to go deep inside Harmony of the Seas to see what awaits in the evening hours of a cruise. These photos were taken during a recent visit to Barcelona, where Cruise Advice was welcomed onboard for a look around.