Sea Princess will be the first of the line's Australian ships to receive the Kids Club makeover.
Sea Princess will be the first of the line's Australian ships to receive the Kids Club makeover.

There’s a certain natural appeal that comes to many people with the biggest cruise ships sailing from Australia. But this appeal doesn’t cover everybody, and just as many travellers find they are instead drawn to the smaller vessels.

One line which does both large and small ships extremely well is Princess Cruises and one of its most popular fleet members is the 1,950-passenger Sea Princess.

Like all the major cruise ships, there is an extensive range of options to satisfy your palate on this ship. Many of these options features something different, aiming to cater to the array of tastes that inevitably feature on every voyage. Last refurbished in late 2015, dining venues were a major beneficiary of the designer’s eye. Take a look around some of the most popular restaurant options you’ll find onboard Sea Princess.

Ultimate Balcony Dining

For a romantic private night, you can have dinner set up on your stateroom balcony on Sea Princess.

Quite a low effort gesture but one which add so much value to your cruise experience. If you feel like dressing up and having a nice evening, but also don’t feel like going out, Princess Cruises’ Ultimate Balcony Dining can cater.

One of the specialty dining concepts which incurs an extra charge needs to be reserved in advance. To start with, and somewhat obviously, this option is only available to guests who have booked a balcony cabin or above (sorry interior and ocean-view crew). A dedicated wait staff member will come to your cabin and set up an immaculate and utterly romantic outdoor dining setting with fresh flowers, champagne and a four course meal including either lobster or steak as the main delicacy.

The experience is also available as a breakfast with pastries and smoked salmon.

Cafe Corniche

Cafe Corniche on Sea Princess is a popular spot for pizzas and antipasti dishes.

Sea Princess’ Italian pizzeria is located on Deck 8 and features a wide range of pizzas, Italian antipasti plates and desserts. Quite an expansive outlet, there is no shortage of seats and the best part – dining here is included in your cruise fare.

Cafe Corniche is a casual venue serving comfort food – a good option for the low-key evenings at sea or in port.

Rigoletto Dining Room

Not identical, but Rigoletto is one of two main dining rooms on Sea Princess.

One of two main dining rooms on Sea Princess, this venue employs a rich polished red wood colour scheme along with red and gold upholstery.

Depending whether you select a traditional set dining time or Anytime Dining, you will be allocated one of the two dining rooms, with Rigoletto catering to the latter. Situated at the rear of the ship on Deck 5, the venue features windows on three sides and offers plenty of space for a large number of passengers, however those booking late or those late deciding on their dining venue of choice may not be able to secure Rigoletto as their restaurant.

It is possible to move between restaurants during your voyage – check with Guest Services.

Sterling Steakhouse

One of two specialty dining outlets on Sea Princess is the Sterling Steakhouse.

The second of two specialty dining venues offered onboard, this venue can be found on the starboard side of Deck 14 in a partitioned section of the buffet area. Guests incur a cover charge of $20 per person to dine here, with a wide variety of steak cuts available.

Horizon Court Buffet

Horizon Court is the main buffet on Sea Princess.

The ship’s main buffet, open for breakfast from 6am, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner pretty much anytime a guest may wish to eat.

Seating is available both indoor and outdoor, and the layout sees different stations across each side of the room, meaning lines are kept to a minimum. Like any buffet, tables can fill up particularly quickly during peak times so if you can, think outside the conventional times and you’ll have no problem finding a place to enjoy your food.

Riviera Grill

The ultra-casual outdoor Riviera Grill on Sea Princess can be found at the ship's stern.

Ultra-casual in its design and decor, the Riviera Grill on Deck 14 serves up burgers and hot dogs to order between the hours of 11am and midnight, with mostly outdoor seating options.

This venue works in concert with a New Zealand Natural Ice Cream outlet and the Riveria Bar both situated nearby. On warm sea days, this popular spot can get crowded but there’s plenty of additional seating nearby so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Traviata Dining Room

Another main dining room on Sea Princess is the Traviata Dining Room.

The second of two main dining rooms on Sea Princess, catering to the passengers selecting Set Dining as their preference for dinner each night. You’ll find this venue on Deck 6, immediately above Rigoletto.

In the traditional set dining time system, you’ll enjoy dinner with the same passengers each night and served by the same wait staff – still a very popular option with many cruisers.


  1. joining Sea Princess on August 30 for the cruise between Brisbane to Geraldton Will be able to check pre and post refurbishment with my cruise last year. Good to see that the Italian has been increased to include a more complete number of dishes but hopefully not at the expense of the wonderful Japanese offerings.