The AmaReina is one of ten ships sailing Europe for APT.

If you’ve ever enjoyed that ‘new car’ smell, where everything is crisp, fresh and still brings a sense of having never been used, ‘new ship’ smell is just like it, only better.

AmaReina is two years old now and still evokes an initial impression of having just rolled out of the shipyard. At a very long 135 metres, the ship offers 82 staterooms and suites for a maximum passenger complement of 164 guests, served by nearly 50 crew members. Staterooms cover three decks, with the uppermost two offering both private balconies and the APT hallmark twin balcony design.

A lower deck of staterooms offer the same facilities and furnishings, albeit with eye-level windows in place of a balcony due to their proximity barely inches above the water line.

A spacious and comfortable lounge with plenty of comfortable seating options overlooks the bow, while the top deck boasts a small swimming pool and a selection of activities to enjoy while either on the move or in port.

Less ambulatory guests have access to an elevator which serves the two middle decks, but which due to safety reasons cannot reach the lower deck as the shaft would interfere with the base of the ship, and cannot access the top deck due to some uncomfortably low bridges in different parts of the rivers on which it sails.

One of a fleet of ten of APT’s Concerto river ships, the AmaReina can mostly be found plying the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers on the well-travelled but no less popular journey between Amsterdam and Budapest – the most popular river cruise route enjoyed by Australian travellers to Europe. Cruise Advice enjoyed an opportunity recently to go aboard for a look around and to enjoy the new ship smell.