What else can you do through your Carnival stateroom television.
On many cruise lines, shore excursions can be booked in advance, as can specialty dining, spa treatments and more.

Cruise ships are all about simplifying every element of your holiday. One such way is by improving the functionality of your stateroom television to allow it to perform more functions and give you the chance to avoid standing in lines.

Like many hotels, the television in your Carnival stateroom is more than just a source of entertainment. It provides passengers with an alternative method of communicating with a number of the ship’s information and service desks, and upon checking in for your cruise, is connected to your onboard account.

Here are some of the services available to you through your stateroom TV remote control.

Book your Carnival shore excursions through your stateroom television.
You can book your Carnival shore excursions through your stateroom television.

Probably the most useful feature available through your television is the ability to purchase shore excursions, where available, in each port your cruise is due to visit. By booking these through your stateroom television, it eliminates the need to line up at the Shore Excursions desk if you don’t have any particular questions or queries and are happy to purchase as outlined.

This part of the system will already be set up for your cruise, with only the ports you’re visiting available to access and each port clearly identified with its own section.

To view the selection of shore excursions available and book, select the port of your choice. The next screen will list the excursions available, with options to move to the next screen if there are a large number of options. Prices and the duration of each tour is listed here.

Review your shore excursion options on your Carnival TV.
Each tour available in a particular port can be reviewed and booked via your remote control.

Once you’ve selected a tour, the system will ask you to select from the available departure times, if there is more than one available. Here, you also select how many tickets you wish to purchase.

On the next prompter, you enter your folio number. Even if you’re sharing your stateroom with another person, everybody onboard will have a different folio number on their Sail & Sign Card to help break down which cards are accruing which charges.

The final screen confirms your purchase. Tickets will usually be found within the next day in the mailbox just outside your stateroom door. Importantly, the system will allow you to book multiple shore excursions for the same date and time, so you’ll want to be cognizant and ensure you don’t double book yourself and allow enough time to meet both, if you wish to do more than one in the same day.

Shore excursion tickets are delivered to your stateroom on Carnival Cruise Line.
The final screen confirms your purchase, and tickets will be delivered to your room soon afterward.

If you double book yourself or miss a departure, the ship is entirely within its rights not to permit a reschedule or a refund. Most shore excursions don’t allow any changes or cancellations within 24 hours of departure, but in the same of some high demand tours, this may be longer.

If you’re travelling with a family or just prefer to keep yourself amused in your stateroom, your Carnival Cruise Line television has access to a wide-ranging library of feature-length in-house movies you can order for a limited period of time. These are divided up into categories to make it easy to find children’s movies suitable for the whole family.

The ship is also able to communicate with you through the Messages section, letting you know about important updates such as amended arrival times to a particular port if it specifically affects your sailing, such as a rescheduled shore excursion or an amendment to a ship-board service that has been previously booked.

Menus to some of the ship’s specialty restaurants are also available to peruse if you’re considering booking a table. These menus are usually for the outlets offering a set menu, such as the Nouveau Steakhouse or Bonsai Sushi. Menus in the main dining room regularly change so these are not able to be reviewed through the television. At the moment, the Carnival televisions don’t allow you to actually make a booking for a table, so you’ll still need to visit in person and make your booking or do so through your stateroom phone.

Peruse dining menus through your stateroom TV on Carnival Spirit.
Menus for restaurants such as Nouveau on Carnival Spirit can be found through your stateroom television.

The folio review feature is a basic service allowing guests to check the charges which have been accrued up to that point in your voyage. This is a handy feature which can help you plan your spending and see if any mistakes have been made. If anything needs further follow-up, you can visit the Guest Services desk in the central atrium to make further enquiries and seek assistance. In addition, System Language does exactly what it says and offers the same services in other languages.