Some cruise lines offer a signature dish you can enjoy.

Ah food glorious food. It seems nearly every cruise line these days is pushing some type of celebrity chef-inspired food experience. From venues like Curtis Stone’s “Share” restaurant aboard Princess Cruises to Silversea’s partnership with Relais & Chateaux– food is more than ever at the centre of the cruise experience.

But while innovation is at the heart of modernity and progress, it’s generally old favourites that see cruisers booking their favourite line time and again in pursuit of a fix of their signature dishes. We take a look at some of the most famous signature dishes in cruising.

Holland America Line – Dutch Pea Soup

One of the best soups at sea is Holland America Line's Dutch Pea Soup.
If soup is your idea way to start a meal, Holland America Line is known for some of the best.

A signature hallmark of Holland America Line’s cold weather cruising, passengers can experience this centuries-old recipe during scenic cruises in regions such as Alaska and Scandinavia. Deck attendants will wheel out a soup trolley on the ship’s open decks with guests invited to enjoy the view and warm up with the soup.

Princess Cruises – Fettuccine Alfredo

Princess' famous Fettuccine Alfredo
Looks delicious doesn’t it? It’s one of the hallmarks of main dining room fare on Princess Cruises.

Hand tossed in a rich creamy sauce, strands of homemade pasta sit atop a crispy parmesan cheese bowl in what is the most famous pasta afloat. The staple is available everyday on the menu in the main dining room and has been enchanting passengers aboard Princess Cruises for decades. What is little known about the dish is that you can order it with some prawns or a little bit of chicken for some added protein.

Carnival Cruise Line – Warm Melting Lava Cake

The amazing goodness of Carnival's warm chocolate melting cake.

The amazing goodness of Carnival’s warm chocolate melting cake.

Who would have thought something so simple could become so synonymous of a cruise line, not to mention so endearing and popular?

Warming the hearts of cruisers around the world is this very decadent dessert, which Carnival Cruise Line has been serving in its main dining room since the 1970’s. Thousands are served on every voyage with the gooey chocolate centre a highlight for young and old alike. Vanilla ice cream rounds out the dish to take the rich edges off. Guests can also ask to have an adult version of the dish with a shot of Crème de Menthe served over the top for a small fee.

Celebrity Cruises – Buffalo Style Frogs Legs

"Ribbit" went the frog as its legs straight went onto the plate on Celebrity Cruises.
“Ribbit” went the frog as its legs straight went onto the plate.

Cruising is an opportunity to try certain dishes you might not try at home and if you’re cruising with Celebrity, the chance to try some Frogs Legs is one not to pass up. A feature on the line’s worldwide fleet, the legs are served Buffalo style – in other words, the legs are cooked in a garlic parsley butter and accompanied by carrot and celery spears and a blue cheese dressing. The great thing is, should your stomach start turning over at the very sight of them, simply ask for something else and your wait staff will happily accommodate.

Seabourn – Granny Smith Apple & Champagne Trifle

Seabourn serves up Granny Smith Apple & Champagne Trifle.
Two items we can’t believe hadn’t been paired before, but which Seabourn has developed a happy marriage between.

Popping the cork into our list is Seabourn’s Granny Smith & Champagne Trifle – a harmonious mix of fruity notes and brut tones and the brainchild of the line’s new consulting chef Thomas Keller. Famous for his New York City restaurant Per Se and Northern California’s French Laundry, Keller has curated a special menu for Seabourn with the dessert among a multitude of new options gracing the luxury line’s already fine menus.

Viking River Cruises – Stolichny Salad

The Stolichny Salad is a Russian dish by origin given a modern remake by Viking Cruises.
The Stolichny Salad is a Russian dish by origin given a modern remake by Viking Cruises,

The Stolichy Salad is a traditionally festive dish served in Russia and one which made its cruising debut aboard Viking’s fleet of river cruise vessels upon its launch over 20 years ago. The salad combines a hearty combination of Russian sausage, chicken and vegetables and transforms guests with a range of textures and tastes. A quail egg and half cherry tomato tops the salad, providing a light start to the culinary journey through Europe on which Viking River Cruises prides itself.

Do you have a favourite dish you enjoy every time you sail? Tell us in the comments below!