Carnival Spirit is based in Australia for extended seasons every summer.

Australia’s two Carnival Cruise Line ships – Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend – have both revamped their wi-fi packages, both now offering passengers three different packages for those keen to stay connected to loved ones while at sea. One device can connect to the new plans at a time, with multiples available by buying a separate package.

Now in effect, the packages start at $15 per day for the ‘Social’ package, which limits users to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, popular airline sites and text communication on Facebook Messenger. This package is priced from $9 per day (can vary depending on the length of your cruise).

Up from that, the ‘Value’ bundle grants access to general internet browsing including email, news, sports, weather, banking and finance, as well as the aforementioned social media platforms, starting at $30 for one day’s access. The top-level package, dubbed ‘Premium’, provides the most bandwidth and therefore the fastest access to guests on this plan. It is priced from $50 per day and allows access to Skype video calling where possible.

Internet packages are faster and cheaper on Carnival Cruise Line.
Carnival Cruise Line is the latest line to revamp its internet packages.

None of Carnival’s new packages allow access to FaceTime, iMessage or content streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify, irrespective of location. For travellers requiring frequent or extended internet access, discounted per day rates are available if purchased for the duration of the cruise, to save money on buying access each day.

If you take your own device on a Carnival ship, you can access a number of sites and content free of charge, such as downloading the daily Fun Times entertainment program or accessing the official websites of Carnival Cruise Line or its local parent, Carnival Australia.