Learn to fold towel animals on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas.

Aussies love to have a good time when on holiday, and every cruise ship has to have some sort of personality, especially when it comes to appealing to their varied interests as they often love to either jump out of their comfort zone to engage in some quirky and more unusual activities during their cruise, or just to watch and cheer on those who do.

During a recent experience on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, we made note of some of these more left-of-centre activities which you generally wouldn’t find occurring too often in an organised environment. Not all of the activities in this involve people making a spectacle of themselves. But rather, they are merely things which invariably draw a crowd just to see how it all goes down.

As well as providing a good laugh, you might even learn something if you head along and check out one of these events during your next Royal Caribbean cruise. Either way, whether you participate or just look, it should provide a good conversation starter at the very least.

Sexiest Man on the Ship Contest

Explorer of the Seas has a 'Sexiest man on the ship' contest.
Ladies can be the judges of Royal Caribbean’s ‘Sexiest man on the ship’ contest on Explorer of the Seas.

If you feel you’re God’s Gift to Women and have the goods on every other bloke on the ship, you can put this to the test with Royal Caribbean’s ‘Sexiest man on the ship’ contest, which usually takes place at the pool deck on one of the first few days at sea of your cruise.

Hosted by a member of the ship’s entertainment team, volunteers are welcome to enter themselves (and ladies can volunteer to be a judge), and head up to the stage to strut their stuff for the crowd. The audience gets to have its say, cheer on the competitors and try to influence the decision of the judges. It’s all a bit of fun but of course, bragging rights are certainly there to whomever is voted the winner.

Towel Animal Folding Lesson

Learn how to fold towel animals on Explorer of the Seas.
Decorate your home with towel animals once you learn how to make the fluffy cruise characters.

Every night upon returning to your cabin, you’ll most likely find one of those cute little towel animals resting on the bed. The creation of these little towel animals certainly looks like a fine art but they’re really not that difficult and only require a few steps.

If you’d like to decorate your home with a menagerie of these wondrous towel-based creations, Explorer of the Seas offers a few opportunities during your cruise to head along to a workshop where you can learn from the housekeeping staff just how they do it. Learn how to take an ordinary sized towel or two and turn it into a penguin, a crab, swan, elephant or a puppy dog. Impress your friends at home and decorate your home with them if you like.

Finish That Lyric game show

Finish That Lyric game show takes place on Explorer of the Seas.
How well do you know music lyrics? Test yourself by singing the next line in the ‘Finish That Lyric’ game show.

Karaoke is a staple activity of cruise ships, but what if you didn’t have the screen with the lyrics right there in front of you? How well do you know the lyrics to not just your favourite songs but those on the music devices of your fellow cruisers?

‘Finish That Lyric’ will often be found on Explorer of the Seas as one of the late-night evening activities for those eager to indulge in some more entertainment after the nightly theatre performance. Volunteers are welcomed onto the stage to play the game, where they get to hear part of a song they know, before it cuts out without warning and they have to sing the next line in the song, with the extra challenge of maintaining the beat of the song.

The game encourages people to think quickly and be ready with the next line at a moment’s notice and is a bit of fun for those watching on to sing along as well.

Belly Flop Competition

Belly flop contest is a fun activity on Explorer of the Seas.
Difficult to watch but impossible to look away as passengers aim for the biggest full-body splash in the Belly-Flop Contest.

Probably the closest example of watching a car crash at sea, but equally hilarious in its own right is Royal Caribbean’s ‘Belly-Flop Contest’. Crowds will gather at the main pool area on the top deck, with many others looking down from on the upper deck. Again, volunteers with exteriors of steel are taken and invited to take part.

It doesn’t require a genius to figure out what the game entails – people literally head to a platform and launch themselves onto the pool, hitting the water’s surface completely flat and creating the largest splash they possibly can. It’s a sure-fire way to score yourself a red belly but the prize could be worth it. Undoubtedly it provides a good laugh during a day at sea.