Tall people rejoice! The cruise lines can make you feel even more comfortable with bed extensions among other special services.
Tall people rejoice! The cruise lines can make you feel even more comfortable!

Every traveller has their own taste, needs, requests and requirements when it comes to going on a cruise and for the most part, cruise lines bend over backwards to be able to accommodate these, even if they haven’t been briefed in advance.

No matter how demanding you might be or how special your requests are, if you plan ahead and have a quick conversation with your travel agent or cruise line you may find you have the best holiday ever. With so much competition in the cruise industry now, the big cruise lines are going out of their way to accommodate even the seemingly bizarre requests, all in the name of keeping a smile on their guests’ faces.

If you’ve ever wondered, here are some of the more unusual requests which can be met by most cruise lines. The best part is that all of these services – that are designed to help you – are free!

Bed extensions for the tall

Your feet may run off the end of the bed at home but rather than building a pile of blankets and cushions at the end of your cruise ship bed, selected cruise lines offer bed extensions so that your feet are catered to. Note that bed extensions are extremely limited on each vessel and if they are of interest, request one early as they are handed out on a first-come-first-served basis.

Bed railings for children and the elderly

If your child or travelling companion is someone who has a nasty habit of rolling out of bed during the night, most cruise lines will happily provide railings to keep even the most restless among us in bed. They can generally also attach larger railings for children sleeping in bunk beds, providing that peace of mind if you wish to place younger children up there without worrying about a potential six-foot drop and thump in the middle of the night.

Extension cords & power boards

While most cruise lines won’t permit you to carry your own extension cords and power boards onboard, most keep a stock on hand for medical equipment such as sleep apnoea machines. Occasionally, smart cabin attendants will also happily provide these cruise line approved devices for other reasons if they aren’t all in use.

If travelling with a sleep apnoea machine, don’t forget to request distilled water from your cabin steward.

Distilled Water

If you are travelling with said sleep apnoea machine, you most certainly will require water – potentially quite a lot of it if you are doing a long cruise. Cruise lines are most certainly aware of this and happily provide giant bottles of clean distilled water for this use. This could save you plenty of money by not having to continuously purchase bottled water to consume while you’re asleep!

Hypoallergenic Pillows

If you have a predisposition to dust, requesting hypoallergenic pillows will ensure you get the cleanest possible pillows onboard, along with linens to match. A special note will be made to ensure linens straight from the laundry will also be used where possible, however it is wise to inform your cruise line about this request in advance to enable them to prepare.

Sharps & Medical Waste disposal bins

Most diabetics or anyone who consumes medication via injection will know how hard it can be to dispose of the unwanted waste that inevitably follows. In order to take care of these guests and ensure the safety of their crew, medical waste bins can be requested in advance to be in your room on arrival.

Shower stools

If you find retaining your balance inside the small showers onboard a challenge, why not request yourself a shower stool? They will allow you to sit down in the shower and remove any chance of loosing your balance and slipping!

A shower stool can provide you with that sure footing in the wet confines of the bathroom


Bed Boards

Goldilocks wasn’t a fan of a stiff bed, but if you are, Carnival might just have the answer for you. The line can add special “bed boards” to the underside of your mattress in order to stiffen up their famously plush Carnival Comfort Beds.

Do you have or know of other special requests that your cruise line has catered for you? Let us know in the comments below!