Built in 2008, for some time Celebrity Solstice has been the youngest ship to sail in local waters and is a tangible example of just how far the Australian market has grown and stamped its mark on the world stage. Aussies have been demanding the latest and greatest ships for some time and Celebrity Cruises clearly sat up and took notice.

Solstice is truly enormous in its scope but only accommodates 2,850 passengers per sailing. Sure, this is a big number but it also reflects the amount of space each is allowed. Public areas are very roomy, with plenty of seating in quiet nooks and crannies wherever you look.

A number of “firsts” feature onboard, most of which suit the laid-back lifestyle of the Aussie travellers. One such example is the Lawn Club, a large section of real grass on the top deck where guests can lay out and relax in the sun. It’s an ideal location for a picnic and guests can even obtain a cheese platter, purchase a bottle of wine and head up to relax on the lawn. It is well manicured and very soft, with a maintenance team on hand to ensure the salt air at sea doesn’t cause any damage.

Cruise Advice was welcomed onboard recently for a look around Celebrity Solstice as it prepared for one of its final voyages this season. Don’t worry, she will be back later this year.


  1. Have had the privelidge to do a cruise on the celebrity Solstice March 2015 from Sydney
    To Fiji and return. A truly beautiful ship and 5 star from beginning to end of cruise. Our balcony
    Cabin was lovely and a decent size too and it has been the only cruise ship I did not feel
    Sea sick on as ( I suffer with sea sickness) but usually only for a day then I’m fine. The staff on
    Board are very helpful and good. One thing we noticed was the hand sanatisers around the
    Ship, not just in meal areas which is a real plus. The public toilets on ship beautiful and
    Very clean.