Tourists can explore the hidden laneways with Celebrity Cruises expert knowledge.

Cruise travellers eager to get off the beaten track and uncover a destination’s hidden gems during shore excursions can now design their own personalised land tours with the help and expertise of experienced world travellers as part of Celebrity Cruises’ new ‘Destination Insiders’ range of tour services.

The program, part of the ‘Celebrity Private Journeys’ program of individual shore tours, has been built on a foundation of helping guests seek “rich, intimate experiences” and “unique, one-of-a-kind experiences” combined with five-star service and the insider knowledge that comes from a seasoned travellers who knows the destination well.

Destination Insiders utilised by Celebrity Cruises for the program have been specially selected for their passion of showcasing and sharing culture, history and the unique elements of a particular destination, curated from their own experience seeing the world.

Some of the experiences available through the program will include the ability to dine at an exclusive clifftop restaurant in Santorini – perhaps one accessible only after riding a donkey up the typically steep pathways for which the island is renowned. Another example is offering the chance to enjoy champagne and cocktail pairing at a seven-star hotel in Dubai having flown to the venue in a helicopter. Destination Insiders will know about these experiences and be able to share this information with Celebrity Cruises guests during a visit to the city.

Special unique modes of transportation will also be available, starting from a private car and going all the way up to a private aircraft, benefiting also from the services of a private guide.

Of course, the more detailed and unique that a passenger is aiming to put together, the more time that should be allowed for Celebrity Cruises to properly make all the necessary arrangements. The best amount of time is at least 21 days ahead of the planned event and upon making an initial enquiry, a response can be expected within 24 hours or no more than one business day. For more on Celebrity’s new Destination Insiders series, CLICK HERE.

Celebrity Cruises Private Journeys include helicopter wine pairing.
Catch a helicopter to a private wine pairing session at a luxury hotel – part of Celebrity Cruises’ Private Journeys.