Travel Insurance is a cruise no brainer to ensure protection for every passenger
Travel Insurance is a cruise no brainer

Travel insurance remains as relevant today as it has ever been, especially in this day and age of modern technology. Costs for medical services when abroad can be nothing short of exorbitant, with cruise ship medical centres no exception to the rule. But the investment in a good travel insurance policy can have a lot of additional benefits having somebody to pay for that broken arm in Singapore or the stolen camera in Rome. We’ve scoured the fine print and found some of the unpublished benefits of travel insurance.

Travel insurance can provide you with a secondary opinion on travel vaccines.

If you are unsure on what vaccinations you might need for your upcoming cruise, especially if visiting remote parts of the world, many travel insurance policies will come with information on what their team of specialist travel GP’s recommend for your specific destinations. This can be a handy service if you are unsure as to how up-to-date your normal GP is with travel related medical requirements.

The insurer will have information about the security of your destination.

Most travel insurance companies pay a small fortune for government grade data on the security of each destination for which they sell insurance. This can include very specific information about local situations that may not garner media attention in Australia, like civil unrest or localised natural disasters. To access this, visit the website of your travel insurance company where they will most likely have a detailed destination section.

In fact, they most likely will have every bit of information you could possibly need to know about your destination.

If you are wondering if the local drinking water is safe or if the ocean has anything nasty in it, travel insurers most likely have done the research to see what risks there are at each destination. They could even provide you with information on local scams to watch out for, such as wood carvers in Fiji or the infamous ring scam at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The World Nomads travel insurance "Travel Smart" information portal
The World Nomads “Travel Smart” information portal

Insurers know what medications require a doctor’s certificate in other countries.

Did you know Valium is illegal in Singapore? Indeed it is true that one of the most common medications to treat a fear of flying is actually a highly illegal substance in the Lion City. Possession of the drug without a valid letter from a doctor can be interpreted as an illegal import and would be treated with the same contempt as cocaine or other contraband. Travel insurers have a large database of these situations and can provide advice as to which regularly prescribed and over-the-counter medications need further paperwork.

They often have a section to register your specific itinerary and travel dates.

Whilst every single traveller should register with The Department of Foreign Affairs’ Smartraveller service, many travel insurers will also have a way to register and file your specific cities and the dates you’ll be there in order to help you as quickly as possible should a major situation affect your destinations.

If you lose your medication, insurers can generally organise a replacement.

If you somehow misplace medications for your heart, diabetes management equipment or other life threatening conditions, most travel insurance companies will be able to get copies of your prescription from your local doctor & have a local pharmacy dispense a replacement dose for you. The same goes if your trip is unexpectedly prolonged and you run out.

Travel insurance can help with emergency medicine replacement.
If you need a replacement prescription filled post haste, your travel insurer can help.

You could be entitled to a free international SIM card.

Cover-More Insurance offers a free international mobile phone SIM card to all of its clients. Among other uses, the pre-paid SIM enables free calls back to Cover-More’s global assistance line should you run into difficulties. Friends and family back home can also text you free of charge through Cover-More’s website.

They can assist in organising things back home if things go wrong while abroad.

While first and foremost travel insurance companies have you as their priority when in trouble, many will also assist in organising in extending arrangements such as animal kennel bookings or notifying family and friends of your situation if you need it. Keep in mind though that anything they organise back home will generally be charged to you by deducting the cost of those services from your insurance payout.

Does your insurance policy provide you with any additional perks? Tell us in the comments!