Princess Cruises' new Places to Sea online portal

Evocative imagery showcasing glamorous destinations, activities and fine onboard food are being used by Princess Cruises in a colourful and engaging new online platform designed to help travellers find the right destination and itinerary for them.

Creatively entitled “Places to Sea”, the program is available to use on on desktop computers but is mainly designed for those on-the-go browsing via their iOS and Android tablet and smartphone internet browsers. Princess developed the system through its American advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

The portal employs a process similar to a particularly infamous dating-style app where users swipe left to dismiss or right to approve of a series of images presented to them. Through a series of around six or seven questions, users are presented with a series of options to find out what they like doing, seeing or eating.

Questions put to users to ascertain their interests include:

  • Snorkelling with fish
  • Wine tasting
  • Exploring new cultures
  • Visiting local markets
  • Whale watching
  • Exploring ancient ruins
  • Bird-watching
  • Catching your dinner
  • Zip-lining
  • Hiking to waterfalls
  • Enjoying fresh baked goods
  • Meeting wildlife
  • Sipping cocktails
  • Hiking in coastal towns
  • Discovering local spices
  • Experiencing breathtaking views
  • Seeing local wildlife
  • Relaxing on sandy shores
  • Taking it all in

A screenshot from Princess Cruises' new Places to Sea app.
A shot from the Places to Sea program, asking whether a user enjoys hiking in coastal towns.

Options range from places around the world, food and beverage types of shore excursions. Based on the outcome of around 6-8 queries, options are collated to present the user with one of five travel “personalities” and associated Princess Cruises destinations and itineraries including ‘Adventurer’, ‘Culturist’, ‘Naturalist’, ‘Foodie’ or ‘Rejuvenator’. Accompanying each are a series of three destinations guests can visit on a Princess Cruises ship along with links to learn more about voyages available in that particular region.

Princess Cruises vice-president Australia & New Zealand Stuart Allison said the portal utilised the natural reactions of a user to present them with their most ideal cruise destination.

“The swipe technology is a trend that plays well in the travel space. It’s easy to use and turns the travel planning process into a game that introduces unexpected places and experiences that may not have been top of mind for the consumer,” Allison said.

Princess Cruises recommended the Caribbean in its Places to Sea app
We gave the Places to Sea program a go and our responses saw the Caribbean recommended to us.