Private Journeys include the option to take a private winery tour and tasting.

If the inclusions of a standard Royal Caribbean shore excursion doesn’t quite tick every box during a particular port of call, now guests can design their own.

Entitled ‘Private Journeys’, the initial range of individual tours is available in 288 ports across 77 countries and on every ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet and can be put together ahead of embarkation. These include private cooking demonstrations with Michelin-starred chefs, private yachting or other opportunities to indulge in the local culture of a destination.

A team of up to nine ‘Destination Insiders’ concierges are available to liaise with guests prior to sailing where the specifics of a Private Journey are put together based on an individual party’s budget, interest and travel style. Tours can be designed for solo travellers, couples, families or larger groups. These experts will either be personally experienced in the highlights of a particular region or port or able to quickly call upon similar expertise from a colleague.

Among the initial range is a ‘Misty Fjords and Crab Feast’ tour in Ketchikan, Alaska where guests embark on a private float plane ride before enjoying a campfire-style meal complete with local beers, wines and champagnes. Others include lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bruges, Belgium; coastal yachting in Dubrovnik, Croatia or a personal driver taking guests through the German countryside in a vintage car, even driving for a time. Closer to home, private wine tasting in New Zealand can also be organised.

“Private Journeys is a natural evolution of Royal Caribbean’s renowned shore excursion program that allows us to offer guests the bespoke travel destination experience of their dreams, even if they don’t know exactly what that is yet,” Royal Caribbean global tour operations managing director Roberta Jacoby said.

Private Journeys are available in select ports in addition to the existing range of group shore excursions. Tours can only begin to be designed at least 30 days ahead of cruise departure and require a $100 deposit in advance, which is then deducted from the total tour cost.

Work can begin on designing a tour on fully paid and confirmed cruise reservations, with the process beginning online by downloading a brochure with pricing displayed in local currency. For more details, see

Private Journeys offer a unique float plane voyage in Alaska.
A private flight in a float plane in Ketchikan, Alaska is an option in Royal Caribbean’s Private Journeys.