Greece will feature as one of the destinations served by Scenic Eclipse.

The announcement of the year so far, in our opinion, remains the unveiling in January by Scenic of its first foray into ocean cruising in the form of Scenic Eclipse. What is promising to be an ultra-luxury “Discovery Yacht” will cater to 228 passengers per sailing.

In the last few days, Scenic has followed up this wave of euphoria surrounding Eclipse by revealing more specific information on which parts of the world passengers will be able to experience onboard.

With an ice-strengthened hull, the 165-metre ship will be able to visit practically any part of the world. Guests will enjoy all dining onboard included in their fare, with the only additional charges coming via excursions above a destination via helicopter or under the sea via a six-person submersible.

Two twin choppers will be housed onboard Scenic Eclipse.
Scenic Eclipse passengers will have the option of touring in select locations from onboard a private helicopter.

Beginning from 31 August 2018, itineraries released so far indicate that Scenic’s first ocean-going ship will spend its initial season in and around the north and south Atlantic Ocean. You’ll be able to find it cruising in Europe and the Mediterranean before it moves through the British Isles into Scandinavia and the Arctic Fjords. As 2018 comes to a close and the northern winter begins to set in, the ship will have travelled down the east coast of the US into the Caribbean and will gradually continue down South America and back into Antarctica.

Here are the list of itineraries currently on sale on Scenic Eclipse:

  • Mediterranean Discovery – Istanbul to Venice (15 days)
  • Eastern Mediterranean Treasures – Venice to Barcelona (10 days)
  • Discover Spain and Morocco – Santa Cruz to Barcelona (9 days)
  • ANZAC Day Mediterranean Discovery – Barcelona to Istanbul (15 days)
  • Jewels of Iberia & Iceland – Barcelona to Dublin (13 days)
  • Discover the British Isles – Dublin to Bergen (11 days)
  • Norwegian Fjords – Bergen to Longyearbyen (13 days)
  • Ultimate Arctic – Round-trip from Longyearbyen (11 days)
  • The Footsteps of the Vikings – Bergen to Reykjavik (10 days)
  • Iceland Discovery – Round-trip from Reykjavik (10 days)
  • Iceland and Atlantic Canada – Reykjavik to Quebec (13 days)
  • Cuba in Depth – Round-trip from Miami, Florida (14 days)
  • Taste of Cuba and the Caribbean – Miami to Cartagena (10 days)
  • Panama, Colombia and Ecuador Discovery – Cartagena to Guayaquil (8 days)
  • Chilean Fjords and Falkland Islands – Valparaiso to Ushuaia (14 days)
  • Ultimate Antarctica – Round-trip from Ushuaia (12 days)
  • Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands – Round-trip from Ushuaia (21 days)

Scenic has released this information in the form of a emotive video. Check it out here: