Usually around now, two or three weeks into the new year, those admirable resolutions you may have set on 31 December and have tried so hard to stick to, are probably starting to wane. It’s no reflection on your own personal self-control. More than three quarters of Australians who set a personal challenge to save more money, get fit or travel more, among others, fall back into old habits before the sun sets on January.

However, for those still motivated to shed those holiday kilograms and then some, a new fitness and travel brand kicking into gear in 2016 is aiming to do something different by taking Australia’s love of the CrossFit exercise craze out to sea in some of the southern hemisphere’s most popular and picturesque locations.

Dubbed ‘CruiseFit’, an exciting moniker if not a little predictable, the Australian startup is the brainchild of CrossFit enthusiasts Richard Leonard and Kacey Smith and is an example of two individuals combining their expertise in fitness and wellness into a unique business idea.

CruiseFit aims to do what its name suggests. Aussie travellers can book a cabin on a range of chartered voyages in Bali or Fiji (with the possibility of more destinations being added down the track) for a seven-day jaunt around the islands of Indonesia or the South Pacific, combining a rigorous fitness regime with relaxing holiday activities. As well as couples and singles (paying a supplement for use of a twin share cabin), CruiseFit will also cater to groups as a dedicated departure if you and your fitness friends can fill the entire vessel.

Each day of the cruise, travellers will wake to a new landscape. There, they will have the choice of at least one CrossFit style workout led by a professional instructor along with a choice of a skills session, mobility exercises, yoga or meditation. Workouts can take place in a variety of locations, from a clearing in the jungle to the beach or on the deck of the ship. For the rest of the day, guests can snorkel in the lagoons, go paddle boarding, kayaking or hiking through the forest. In addition, a CruiseFit experience includes three meals a day, and it’s a safe bet they would be healthy, so any ideas of a traditional cruise buffet are a little off.

Guest goes Skurfing on CruiseFit voyage
The unique activity of “skurfing” mixes water-skiing with surfing.

Several departures have been scheduled for 2016, with itineraries starting from $2,450 per person twin share. For those who exercise in a regular group, one person can go for free with a small group booking of six guests – more information about CruiseFit can be found at