Meet the ‘Ultimate Abyss’. Would you ride it?


Harmony of the Seas is about to take slides at sea to new heights…literally!

What will become both Royal Caribbean’s and the world’s largest cruise ship when she debuts in May next year, Harmony has released images of what it calls “The Ultimate Abyss” – an enormous pair of 10-storey slides which snake all the way from the top deck, more than 45 metres above sea level, overlooking the rear of the ship, to the promenade ten decks below.

Guests in the AquaTheatre will be able to watch riders above them, however while it looks intimidating, riders sit atop a mat and travel at a fairly gentle 14 kilometres per hour. Constructed from stainless steel, the 65-metre slides have been specially designed for Royal Caribbean and offer riders a multi-sensory experience with spontaneous audio effects.