Sail the Norwegian Fjords with Hurtigruten

A fleet of renewable energy ships powered by rechargeable batteries and fuel derived from algae may be in the pipeline for Scandinavian expedition operator Hurtigruten, the indication coming in the wake of the Paris Climate Change Conference at the weekend.

Following a recent partnership between the line and Norwegian environmental organisation The Bellona Foundation, Hurtigruten has pledged to carry out a feasibility study into how the existing fleet can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and how future operations can be made more environmentally friendly through cleaner burning fuels.

Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam, who attended the conference in Paris, called for greater political incentives for cruise operators to utilise green technology and “the appropriate political framework” to entice more cruise lines to follow suit.

“We need political carrots and sticks to stimulate the market in utilising green technology,” Skjeldam said from the French capital.

Hurtigruten currently operates a fleet of 13 vessels sailing in Scandinavia and the Polar regions and ranging in size from 254 passengers up to 1,000.