French cruise line Ponant's newest vessel Le Lyrial

Le Lyrial is not short of distractions that the modern passenger has come to expect from today’s luxury vessels. Naturally, due to the vessel’s small size, these distractions are traditional in nature, with Le Lyrial designed to complement the destinations visited rather than steal the spotlight itself.

A small pool takes pride of place on Deck 6 with 270 degree ocean views as its surrounds. The pool (roughly 6ft by 4ft and a maximum depth of 1.4 ft) is more suited to a quick cool down than anything else but provides a relaxing way to beat the heat of the pool deck.

Ponant's Le Lyrial's has a deep pool
Le Lyrial’s pool is deep to ensure movement of the ship doesn’t cause water to spill over the side.

If ramping up the heat is more your kind of fun, Deck 5’s Ponant Spa provides a steam and aromatherapy room for your enjoyment. The unisex Ponant Spa is manned by trained professionals from Sothys of Paris. A range of treatment options are offered starting from 40 Euro per treatment and are designed to suit a range of tastes.

Ponant's Spa on Le Lyrial
A stocked spa facility creates a relaxing haven of tranquility.

A cruise on Ponant doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch off entirely. The line conducts a range of lectures provided by world renowned experts in a multitude of fields. Most are designed to compliment and educate passengers about the region in which the ship is currently sailing (for example, an expert on Ernest Shackleton might be employed on Antarctica sailings or an art historian or architecture expert on sailings in the Mediterranean).

While it’s hard to imagine a vessel of just over 10,000 tonnes offering so many facilities, it’s her stealth feature hidden on the back of Deck 2 that really sets her apart from the rest. Le Lyrial’s Marina Deck gives guests an opportunity to disembark at remote locations around the world. Multiple zodiacs enable a variety of landings – crew tell of unscheduled calls to secluded beaches in Asia, through to whale watching opportunities in Alaska. It is in the Polar Regions however where the Zodiacs truly shine bright. The nimble inflatable boats are used to take passengers ashore throughout the entire Antarctica, Alaska and Arctic seasons.

Ponant guests get up close with polar wildlife on a zodiac excursion.

Ponant guests get up close with polar wildlife on a zodiac excursion.

A remarkable ship like Le Lyrial provides an unforgettable voyage both for first timers and old salts alike, her combination of sophistication, style and service provide the ultimate way to discover the world’s most exotic locations. It is certainly is one of the best value products in the market, no matter which region you are sailing.